Family Office Services

bill paying services

Sasserath & Co. provides bill paying as part of our family office services for successful individuals and families. We'll organize and manage your day-to-day bookkeeping and bill paying so you're free for other pursuits. Our bill paying services are flexible and customized to fit each client’s unique situation and specific needs.

Overseeing your daily financial affairs provides us with a comprehensive understanding of your financial and tax situation. We use this special insight to create highly-effective tax strategies to preserve your wealth. We'll make sure your personal and business bookkeeping also flows seamlessly into tax information at year-end, saving you money in tax preparation services.

Bill paying services:

  • Collate all bills that come from service provider and client
  • Keep a detailed schedule of all payables
  • Pay bills manually (check) or electronically
  • Store all bills electronically for easy access
  • Provide client reports on a regular basis
  • Provide each client with their own private and secured fax number and email address to send invoices
  • Provide complete financial report, assets and liabilities at year end.
  • Dispute any unwarranted charges

Types of clients we service:

  • Small / Family businesses
  • Business executives
  • Busy families
  • Entertainers / Athletes

Using a bill paying service avoids:

  • Bad credit score due to late payments
  • Stress of not having enough time to adequately pay attention
  • Wasted money on late-fees and/or bounced check fees
  • Scramble to balance check book and prepare tax documents
  • The wasted time of paying bills

Confidential Bill Paying

Our client's privacy is the utmost concern to us. Your financial information will be accessible to only your immediate financial expert and a supervisor to allow release of funds.

Secure Bill Paying

The technology that is used is specially designed with security in mind for our clients. It includes the following:

  • Verisign Secured
  • 256-bit Encryption technology mirroring that of the banks
  • Funds FDIC insured
  • Completed a SAS70 Type II Audit by a leading national CPA Firm

To get started, call us today at 631-368-3110 or request a consultation through our website.